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Broadtech enters the Health technologies sector

Broadtech has launched its new Health services division following the transition of key staff, assets and business services from a previous health sector technology provider known as Tellen NZ. Broadtech Health promptly transitioned this business over and immediately began to supply and support a comprehensive range of established digital technology solutions to the Healthcare, Aged care and Disability sectors. The Broadtech Health team have…

Broadtech Group Acquires Cobalt Technologies

Cobalt Technologies joins Broadtech Group

The Broadtech Group Ltd, parent company of Johnston Dick and Associates Ltd (JDA) and Broadtech Ltd, is pleased to announce the acquisition of long- established technology solutions company Cobalt Technologies Limited (Cobalt). Founded by Geoff Durrant in 1995, Cobalt delivers high-end studio, processing, head end and network solutions to the radio, television, film and audio/video production industries. Cobalt’s Geoff Durrant said, “it is great…


Exciting A2G Network Progress

Our Direct Air-to-Ground Core and the first 4G NodeB have been integrated within our lab, well done to the team to achieve the ‘Lab Live’ milestone. Planning is on track for the first sites of our DA2G network to be built and integrated in March, with the targeted contiguous 'uptilted' 4G/LTE coverage extending from Auckland through Waikato to the Bay of Plenty, transmitting on…


Broadtech and SkyFive creating the Internet of the Sky in New Zealand

New Zealand aims to be the first country after the European Aviation Network (EAN) to experience true broadband connectivity in the sky. It will revolutionise both air traveller experience and in-flight operations as well as enabling a wide range of practical data intensive use cases for the local aviation industry.

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