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Exciting A2G Network Progress

Our Direct Air-to-Ground Core and the first 4G NodeB have been integrated within our lab, well done to the team to achieve the ‘Lab Live’ milestone.

Planning is on track for the first sites of our DA2G network to be built and integrated in March, with the targeted contiguous ‘uptilted’ 4G/LTE coverage extending from Auckland through Waikato to the Bay of Plenty, transmitting on dedicated spectrum licensed to Broadtech to trial this application of cellular technology dedicated to aviation.

A number of selected aircraft will operate on the new network over several months to trial use-cases of inflight DA2G broadband connectivity, enabling crew, passengers and onboard operational, medical, audio-visual and communications equipment to utilise the low-latency data connection to ground control centres, application servers, video-streaming services, or to simply access high speed, low latency broadband via onboard WiFi.

More updates soon… !

(via LinkedIn)

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