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Network Operations and Maintenance

The Technical engineering team at Broadtech provide Network Operations and Maintenance support services to transmission networks and technical sites nationwide. Technical and transmission network systems that Broadtech supplies and supports include:

  • Digital Television Broadcasting
  • Radio Broadcasting
  • Cellular Telecommunications
  • Wireless Broadband

Broadtech’s network operations portfolio extends from looking after national networks of Transmission Towers and Digital Terrestrial Television sites, for its network infrastructure subsidiary Johnston Dick & Associated Ltd (‘JDA’), through to providing technical support services for third-party Operators’ Technical Facilities; such as the Sky Tower transmission facilities in Auckland, and the Parahaki Transmission Station for Whangarei District Council.

Network operations services that Broadtech provide include:

  • Tower installation and commissioning
  • Radio Spectrum Licensing
  • Antenna Systems design
  • Network equipment sourcing, installation and integration
  • Operational Alarms monitoring and response
  • Power Systems maintenance
  • Tower infrastructure maintenance and upgrading

Network Operations Centre (24/7)

To support our transmission and broadcasting site infrastructure, we operate a network operations centre (‘NOC’) in Auckland and deployed site/system monitoring platforms that provide full visibility of remote network elements’ status and fault alarms.

We are able to deploy and extend this system to client sites and network equipment to provide the centralised level of remote service monitoring, as well as the option of 24/7 callout response via our national network of regionally based technicians around the country.

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