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Betso Electronics

Professional products for the film and video industry

 Betso is a leading brand in the professional audio and video industry, offering top-quality wireless audio systems, timecode solutions and accessories. 

Betso provides wireless distro and antenna solutions as well as Timecode sync generators and transceivers. Their products are trusted by sound engineers, filmmakers, and broadcasters globally for their reliability and clear audio signals.

Broadtech is the Authorised Distributor for Betso products in New Zealand


  • Timecode:
    WTCS-1 Wireless time code slate in slim lightweight and durable design.
    SBOX-2RF Timecode and word clock generator with RF Transmission.
    TCX-2+ Ultra compact highly accurate timecode transceiver and generator.
    TCD-1 Compact Self-powered Timecode Display with Advanced Functions.
  • Wireless Tools:
    SHARKIE Active Antenna with extremely low noise and easy gain adjustment.
    BOWTIE Wideband omni directional antenna designed for use on a sound bag.
    CPAA-18 Circular polarized active antenna with extremely low noise and easy gain adjustment.
    En2 HEXAPACK Very Compact EN2 portable rack system with power distribution and ultra-low noise signal filtering
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