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Barnfind Technologies

Fiber optical solutions for various audiovisual applications.

Designed with professional audiovisual applications in mind, BARNFIND offers all the equipment needed to construct dependable and robust fiber optical transport solutions.

From sophisticated BarnOne frames that can route, monitor, signal convert, distribute, and multiplex pro-A/V signals, to the simple and robust BarnMini series that enables the collection of various signals from a production stage or sport events. If your video cameras are too far away or there are too many cables between your remote production locations, BARNFIND has products that will optimize this.

Broadtech is the Authorised Distributor for BarnFind products in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands


  • BarnColor;  Designed to be a cost-effective solution for sending and receiving multiple signals in both directions over an optical CON DUO fiber cable.
  • 4x3G-SDI, 4x12G-SDI, 4xSFP-Flex.
  • BarnMini series, standalone solutions.
  • BarnOne Family signal transport devices that provide up to 32 x 32 built-in routing system with combinations of BNC and SFP I/O ports to satisfy any application.
  • Several combinations of SFP-ports, BNCs and optical multiplexers are available. StageBox break-out panel
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