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Zoom Field and Hand Recorders, Mixers, Mics and Accessories

Professional series products include the Zoom F8N PRO, LIVETRAK L-20, F6 and F3 field recorders. Durable, Reliable, and Flexible equipment at a great price for your audio-for-video needs.

Broadtech – Authorised Dealer for Zoom field recording products in New Zealand.

Product Categories:

  • Handy Recorders
  • Field Recorders
  • MicTrak Recorders
  • Podcast Recorders
  • Video Recorders
  • iOS / Android Microphones
  • Audio Interfaces
  • Digital Mixer / Multi-Track Recorders
  • Multi-Effects
  • Vocal Processors
  • Microphones
  • Software
  • Accessories


  • F6 Multi-Track Field Recorder
  • F8n Multi-Track Field Recorder
  • F1-SP Two Track Recorder with Shotgun Microphone
  • F1-LP Two Track Recorder with Lavalier Microphone
  • H8 Multi-Track Handy Recorder with Touchscreen Interface
  • H6 Multi-Track Handy Recorder
  • H5 Multi-Track Handy Recorder
  • H3-VR 360º Handy Recorder
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