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URSA Straps

Wireless Microphone Straps

URSA was founded in 2015 by UK based Sound Mixer Simon Bysshe and his partner Laura Smith who works as a Costume Designer.

URSA Straps produce belts, body packs adhesives and accessories for wireless microphone systems.  Since 2016, URSA has diversified into radio mic consumables.

Broadtech is the Authorised Distributor for URSA Straps products in New Zealand. 


  • Belt straps for wireless transmitters
  • Lapel mic Accessories for wind and noise reduction
  • URSA Straps
  • URSA Moleskin Tape
  • URSA Stickies
  • URSA mounts and mini mounts for lapel mic brands Sanken, Countryman and DPA
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