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Broadcast Video and Audio Solutions

MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Systems has over 46 years of experience serving the broadcast and video production communities worldwide. 

They specialise in video, audio and fibre optic systems for broadcast applications and various fibre optics solutions.

Broadtech is an Authorised Reseller for MultiDyne products in New Zealand. 


  • Video and fibre optic systems to transport, convert, monitor and compress video and audio signals over long distances and in different formats. Customisable fibre transport platforms that can handle multiple signals and functions in a single box, such as PTZ cameras, intercoms, tally, data and power. Live fibre camera adapters that can enable 4K/8K production with high-quality video transmission and low latency.  Hybrid fibre universal transceivers that can extend the transmission distance of SMPTE studio camera up to 80 km without external power. Portable bulk optical transport systems that can carry up to 18 HD-SDI signals over one fibre strand in a ruggedised case. Modular terminal equipment that can provide signal processing, distribution, conversion and multiplexing functions in an openGear compatible frame. Wavelength shifting CWDM multiplexers that can save fibre bandwidth by combining up to 18 optical signals into one wavelength. Fibre and SMPTE Cable fabrication lab that can provide custom-made cables and connectors for various applications.
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