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Boom-Buddy is a UK based manufacturer that creates location audio accessories for boom poles.

The Boom-Buddy enables single man crews and sound recordists to use a microphone boom on a lighting stand. This means a faster set up time and less kit to carry.

The microphone boom pole is gently held in a cradle with no clamping mechanism to cause damage. This also helps eliminate operator fatigue during long interviews etc.

Broadtech is the Authorised Distributor for Boom-buddy digital products in New Zealand. 


  • Boom Holder: A versatile boom pole holder that can gently hold the boom pole in a cradle without causing any damage. It can be attached to various surfaces, such as C-stands, tripods, doors, tables, and more. It can also be adjusted to different angles and heights.
  • Boom Swinger: A flexible boom pole swinger that can allow the operator to swing the boom pole from side to side without changing the position of the holder. It can be used with the Boom Holder or any other compatible holder. It can also be locked in place when not in use.
  • Boom Holder Spares Kit: A kit that contains spare parts for the Boom Holder, such as screws, washers, nuts, and rubber pads. It can be used to replace any worn or damaged parts of the holder.
  • Boom Pole Heat Shrink: A heat shrink tubing that can be applied to the boom pole to provide a better grip and reduce handling noise. It can also protect the boom pole from scratches and dents.
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