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360 Systems Broadcast

Experts in web and mobile Application Development

360 Systems professional broadcast is a manufacturer of video servers and professional audio record and playout equipment.

They design, manufacture, and sell High Definition and Standard Definition digital video servers, time delay servers, commercial playback and digital audio cart machines to the broadcast and Pro-A/V community. Their products service a wide variety of markets from broadcast, government, education, corporate and entertainment including digital displays, churches, theme parks, and sports venues. 360 Systems is celebrating its 50th year serving the broadcast and pro-AV industry.

Broadtech is a recognised International Dealer Partner for 360 Systems Professional Broadcast products in New Zealand.


  • Audio Products; Instant Replay 3, Digi Cart 5.
  • Video Servers; TSS-3100, TSS 4400 & 4200, TSS IP-2200, TSS-2100 & 2200, TSS-4000.
  • Delay Servers; TSS-247011 Dual Zone, TSS-1080P Variable Time Delay, TSS-247011 Variable Time Delay, TSS-2470 Time Delay
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