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Innovative Radio Broadcasting

A spin off of ABE Elettronica, WaveArt is a company specializing in design and manufacture of innovative Digital DDS FM Transmitters, DAB Transmitters and Antennas that provide outstanding performances for cutting-edge radio stations.

WaveArt are known for reliability, efficiency, design and fair price. Decades of experience in TV Broadcasting and continuous interactions with other fields make our products unique.

Broadtech is a recognised International Dealer Partner  for ABE Elettronica products in New Zealand.  


  • FM Transmitters -30W to 5KW
  • High Power DDS FM Transmitters  10KW to 20KW
  • IsoWave – FM SFN Systems
  • Wave One – Rebroadcast Receiver
  • DAB/DAB + Transmitters
  • FM Antennas and Radiation Systems
  • Network Planning
  • Technical Training
  • Technical Support
  • Product Registration
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